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About GEPdb
GEPdb is an integrated database for interpreting a list of SNPs or Genes in the context of the ternary relations of Genotype-Expression-Phenotype using a comprehensive collection of GWAS (genotype-phenotype) and eQTL (genotype-expression) data. The analytic procedure in GEPdb is bidirectional, where SNPs are linked to genes via tissue/study-specific eQTL data or vice versa. The list of SNPs can be expanded by linkage disequilibrium (LD).
The typical procedure of using GEPdb is 1) starting from a list of SNPs (G>E>P mode), genes (P>E>G mode) or both (G:E mode), 2) expand SNPs by LD (optional), 3) establish linkage between SNPs and genes using the selected eQTL dataset(s), and 4) construct and visualize the resulting GEP association network.
If you find GEPdb useful, please cite:
Ryu D, Cho S, Kim H, Lee S, Kim W. GEPdb: a database for investigating the ternary association of genotype, gene expression and phenotype. Bioinformatics. 2014